Attracting and hiring candidates is where the employee lifecycle starts. Smart company branding and a smooth recruitment process are important when looking for “the best people on the market”. These people are your most valuable asset, as they can champion your business and determine its success. However, a lot of organisations can still improve on this, especially when they have difficulties finding candidates for their vacancies.

This is why we want to draw attention to the “positive candidate experience” as a key aspect of the hiring process. Improve your candidate’s experience and enhance your brand’s reputation. Don’t take too much time planning interviews, providing feedback, and making hiring decisions. If you are interested in candidates, let them feel this and take action. When they are excited too, you need to “catch” them at exactly this propitious moment. A long period of silence will let them feel uncertain; their enthusiasm will collapse like a house of cards, and your efforts will be doomed to fail. This is not only a waste of your time, but also a missed chance, as it can mean that candidates drop out and join your competitors! And as if all this weren’t enough, it will increase your cost-to-hire and can result in missing targets elsewhere. You don’t want time-consuming and complicated buying processes for your customers, right? The same applies to job seekers!

Do not underestimate the power of word of mouth in the social world of 2020. People like to share their daily life with their online network. A smooth interviewing process will make candidates more likely to speak highly of your company. And candidates that aren’t a match for your current vacancies, might be a match for future ones. Make your potential employees proud and let them be the ambassadors of your brand when they talk about the great culture they experienced. That’s why we can’t repeat this often enough: do your company and future employees a favour and keep your hiring process as simple and pleasant as possible, and be that #greatplacetowork!

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