The Internet of Things (IoT) is digitally transforming the world and opening up entirely new career opportunities. IoT skills are in high demand and so are the ‘soft’ skills that make digital transformation champions.

Year after year the number of connected devices is growing and impressive numbers are released about what is yet to come. However, the real staggering growth numbers of IoT are elsewhere: in how it’s transforming industries, powering start-ups, changing how we solve societal challenges and boosting demand for IoT-related jobs.

To really stand out and build your career in this fast-growing Internet of Things world, there are some important skills to develop:

1.     Customer skills for digital transformation champions

At the center of success in digital transformation and IoT projects is a deep understanding of what customers want in this digital age. The customer experience, user experience and understanding of the voice and true will of the customer is what makes or breaks digital transformation.

2.     The ability and will to continuously learn

Companies fight to attract IoT talents. However, many of the mentioned jobs are new. One of the challenges faced by businesses today is that graduates are not educated and trained in the areas required in the modern world. Continuous education is needed, not just for young professionals but also for older generations.

3.      An entrepreneurial and innovative mindset

Most young professionals are digital natives and often have an entrepreneurial mindset and will to operate in varying circumstances. It’s the kind of flexibility the IoT needs: an appetite for change and agility.

 4.     The ability to collaborate in diversity

Most organizations transform from the edge: they maintain their existing markets and channels, while investing money in new opportunities at the edge of their core offerings.

As a business transforms from the edge, one of its challenges is to manage various teams, including existing staff, team members dedicated to the new digital technology and staff that straddles both worlds. Younger people often have a much greater affinity for new technologies and rapid change, while members of the older generations often have a deep understanding of the business, its processes, channels and markets.

Smart managers realize the great opportunity in mixing different generations with a common purpose towards digital transformation despite different cultures and generations.

 5.     Seizing the opportunities

Companies get disrupted by new technologies such as IoT, by changing customer preferences, by start-ups and by their peers who are digitally transforming. It is why all the mentioned skillsets are essential. Your unique opportunity is to leverage those you have, master new ones and be a leader in the world of IoT and digital transformation. The opportunities are there, the choice is yours.

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