The journey of Digital Transformation will continue in 2019. What will be the role of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain? Michael Fauscette listed all of the hot technology trends for 2019:

We started “talking” about digital transformation (DX) over a decade ago. In the naivety that was 2008, many believed that the journey was just about technology and had a beginning and an ending—at least one that would come before 2018. We’re now in the second generation of DX which is focused on the business as a platform that enables agile and flexible global operations.

For 2019 and beyond, the following five trends are the most powerful and support the continued expansion of digital transformation:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) platforms are embedded in the business platform, rapidly enabling “smart” business operations.
  2. Blockchain continues to expand “out” of cryptocurrency transaction management and becomes a part of the core business platform, enabling transactional transparency across a wide variety of business functions.
  3. Internet of things (IoT) adoption among mid-market and enterprise businesses accelerates as more IoT platforms are available to enable the actionable and secure application of IoT sensors to high-value business issues.
  4. The majority of enterprise businesses adopt a cloud platform from one or more providers and accelerate the shift back to “custom,” microservices-based, industry vertical-specific solutions over “off the shelf” SaaS.
  5. Conversational UIs becomes the pervasive method for interacting with enterprise systems for workers and customers.

These five technology trends are not new, but the level of use and adoption is taking a significant upswing from momentum that was created over the past couple of years. This adoption is also expanding across the entire set of business functions and activities, partially based on availability and solution maturity, and partially based on increasing business pressure to change. Let’s take a deeper look at each of the trends, in the complete article of Michael Fauscette, an experienced technology executive with a diverse software background that includes experience as a software company executive and leading a premier marketing research team. Michael is a published author, blogger, photographer and accomplished public speaker on emerging trends in business software, digital transformation and customer experience strategies.