Expert in IoT recruitment

and talent management

Younited People is an expert in recruitment and talent management solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) market. We are an internationally operating intermediary for both fixed and interim positions in Europe.

What makes us different?

We look beyond the hard skills required for a position. Of course, we look at the training and work experience someone has. What someone does and is capable of is important. But it is even much more important who someone is. That is why we mainly focus on the unique qualities of a person. What drives someone? What are his or her natural talents? To which environment are these best suited?

On the side of the employer we also dig a little deeper. Which behaviour should someone display to be able to perform successfully within a position? What does the current team look like? Which qualities are already present and which ones are still lacking in order to be really successful? What are the organisation’s goals? What is required in order to achieve these goals?

Successfully integrating talents in teams

Our goal is to transform organisations and talents to a next level. We do this by optimally attuning employees and teams. In order to be able to grow and excel as an individual, you need an environment which stimulates you to give it your best. To be successful as an organisation, you need a strong team.

That is why in the selection, integration and development of talents, we look at the entire team. Mainly the present group dynamics, ambitions, strengths, and behavioural patterns. Talent management and the integration of new employees in teams are part of the specialties of Younited People.


The name Younited People consists of the keywords; You, United and People. This name is all-embracing for us. United People stands for bringing individuals together. United People stands for joining forces and reinforcing each other as a team. United People stands for working together with different people and companies. United People is being together.

In order to BE, it is essential that YOU as an individual with your personal qualities, are in an environment which stimulates you to give it your best. That is why we have integrated the word YOU into the word United People to give this name even more power and to highlight that YOU are the center of everything we do.

Younited People takes your ambitions, personality, passion and talents as a starting point and helps you to take the right steps in your career.”

Other values that are important to us: